Hello Wingers,


By Ron Harwood


A couple of years ago, I came across DYNA BEADS as an alternative to standard wheel balancing of our bikes.

I made contact with Guy Dudgeon from over the WEST and spoke with him as he is the only distributer of the beads in Australia.

At the conclusion of our discussion, Guy very generously gave the Club (GWSA) a couple of boxes of bagged beads and a few applicator bottles and tubes. It was discussed at the club and as a result we sold beads to club members to trial in their tyres and to report back as to how it all went.

That happened to a certain degree with feedback like

“Yeah, Good”

“Oh, I haven’t actually put them in the tyre yet”

Terrific”, and so on.

I fitted them to the front and rear Khumo tyre back then and haven’t used anything since.

I am on my second rear and front tyre and have recycled the beads.

I thought that it was a good idea to maybe use new beads at the next tyre change.

Pete Bradley, member from Bairnsdale caught up with me a week or so ago and asked about the beads, so I sent off to WA and asked Guy to send me over a box of 2oz and 1oz beads with an invoice!

He was good to his word and sent the beads which have arrived and the invoice turned up a day or so later.

Your Wheels Running Balanced Through Out The Life Of Your Tyre
$16.80 for Front & Rear wheels


To cover the cost of the beads and the postage, (invoice available for perusal) I have worked out the beads per bike amounts to $16.80. that’s enough beads for front and rear tyres.

I have not had a tyre/wheel balance with lead weights done on my current bike so I cannot compare the price. Someone out there would be able to fill us in on that.

I have included a link to the US company supplying the beads, at the end of this article. I strongly suggest you have a read and decide for yourself.

If you want to know more, you can ring Guy or you can call me. I am happy to discuss with you.

At this point let me point out that I am not a sales rep for the beads, nor is the Club getting a kickback from these bead sales. We had that two years ago.

There is about to be a price increase on the beads due to the AU dollar and postage costs from the US.

If you want a set, let me know as these won’t last long.

Ring me if you would like a set.


Ron Harwood 0458 435 387

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