Rally & Events Calendar

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Date Event Title and Details
Friday 31-Jan-2020

Monday 03-Feb-2020

2020 AGM Bright

Rally Leader: Bloke

Depart: From Where-ever You Are

The next AGM Rally will be held in Bright hosted by 'Bloke'

The Goldwing Club of Australia will be holding the 2020 AGM in Bright Vic.

Hello Goldwingers,

You are encouraged to now make your bookings through

"Dee" at the Bright Pine Valley Tourist Park (03 57551010)

for our AGM rally on the 31st of January until the 3rd of February 2020 between the hours of 8:30 to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday so that Dee can keep our group in close proximity to one another within the park.

Dee remembers our group from our 2015 stay and the exciting ride she was provided by one of our members on a Goldwing.

There's a range of cabin accommodation with 2 bedroom units and bunks or 1 bedroom with bunks powered and unpowered sites to suit all needs.

Further details about dinner's, rides, and events etc will eventually be posted on our website once arrangements are completed. PM me re any questions or doubtful points, happy and safe riding, "shadow bloke"?